Monday, May 2, 2011

ROSE QUARTZ - Crystal Power

Mystics, Occultist and ancient alchemist proven that using crystals, quarts are very beneficial to health, success and attaining powers, it also believe during ancient times to counteract any negative forces around them, so they use this stones as amulet. In my own point of view crystal, quarts and other gemstones released molecular substan...ce can be absorbed by body if you wear it touching your skin. Science until (I don't know) now, are not conducting any studies about this subject.

Lets have an experiment, to prove its effect, I will share to all of you the beneficial effect of "ROSE QUARTZ" .


1. Cleanse your Rose Quartz by washing it by sea water.

2. At night before you sleep, take a 1 glass of water, then put your rose quartz inside.

3. In the morning take out your rose quartz on 1 glass of water, then drink it.

Do this regularly and you will experience the benefit of its power. Its good for your skin, you will look younger and younger everyday. It is best also to have rose quartz in your body, make it a pendant of your necklace be sure that its touch your skin. It will also serves as your charm amulets.

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