Saturday, March 3, 2012

PALMISTRY: Types of Hand

Just as no two people, not even identical twins, have identical fingerprints, so no two people have exactly the same hands. That said, though, it is possible to identify six basic types of hand that can, in themselves, tell a great deal about the subject of the reading.

1. The Normal or Practical Hand
2. The Square or Elemental Hand
3. The Spatulate Hand
4. The Philosophical Hand
5. The Mixed Hand
6. The Physic or Pointed Hand

1. The normal or practical hand:
These tend to be on the clumsy side with fingers that are short in comparison with the palm. People with this type of hand often lack patience and are quick to lose their temper. They also tend to be among the most passionate.

2. The square or elemental hand:
People who have a tendency to being logical and, perhaps, creatures of habit often have square hands. They are also usually very helpful individuals who can be relied on in times of crisis. They are persistent to the point of doggedness, conventional, always above suspicion – and very often boring!

3. The spatulate hand:
The hand and fingers of this type represent a fan, which indicates restlessness and excitability – the sort of person who can go from one extreme to another in the blink of an eye. Such people are often inventive with an original view of the world that enables them to make discoveries. They are risk-takers and good company, but can be slap-dash and have a tendency to bend the rules more than it is wise to do.

4. The philosophical hand:
These long, bony hands often belong to teachers, philosophers and intellectuals, who are always seeking the truth. The minutiae of life is of little concern to people with Philosophical Hands, they are far too easily distracted. These are people who see the wider picture, often ignoring their immediate surroundings to the point that their untidiness borders on the eccentric.

5. The mixed hand:
Neither one thing nor the other, these are probably the most difficult to interpret. Sometimes such a hand is clawed, something that indicates long-term anxiety over financial matters, or that the person is overtimid and cautious in everything he or she does.

6. The physic or pointed hand:
Graceful and conic in shape with pointed, tapering fingers and a long palm, the Physic Hand suggests an intuitive person who is happy to follow his own instincts and is usually quite right to do so.

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