Friday, June 24, 2011

Great Magical Papyrus in Paris (PGM IV.2943–66)

Attraction spell through insomnia:

Take the eyes of a bat and release it alive. Take a piece of unbaked dough or unmelted wax and shape a puppy dog. Put the right eye of the bat into the right eye of the puppy dog. Similarly the left into the left. Take a needle, thread it with the magical substance [ousia] and stick it through the eyes of the puppy dog, so that the magical substance is visible. Put the puppy dog into a new drinking vessel, attach a label [i.e., a tablet, or: a papyrus strip] to it and seal it with your own ring, which has crocodiles head to head [or: tail to tail; or: head to tail] to each other. Deposit it at a crossroad after having marked the spot, so that you can find it, should you wish to recover it.

Formula to be written on the label: ‘‘I adjure you three times in the name of Hecate phorphorba baibo phorborba that NN lose the fire in her eye or even lie awake with nothing on her mind except me, NN, alone. I adjure you in the name of Kore who has become the goddess of the crossroad, who is the true mother of . . . (write any name you wish) phorbea brimo nereato damon brimon sedna dardar. All-seeing one iope make her, NN, lie awake for me for all [eternity].’’


Note: For record purposes only.

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