Saturday, February 11, 2012

MAHARLIKA: What’s in a name?

Change is progressive. We cannot deny the fact that today our nation needs total change and transformation. There is crisis in every aspect of life. Most of our countrymen have been deprived of their basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. How much more on the human rights, employment, social standing, economics, education, etc. to name a few. To one long forgotten aspect is the enrichment of our cultural heritage and the right access to the origin of our country’s name.

If we get back into our roots, there is a connecting link from the past that must be patched up and resolve the mystery that has remained a question of our own identity.

Where do we start? We begin from the consciousness that has been stocked up and has to be awaken.

It is a big dilemma to compare our nation to a child being born out of nowhere, no trace of roots, nor a sense of belonging to a family you are worth identifying for.

What was in the past that our forefathers have made to believe? We have been under the many colonial influences and 500 years under the Spanish regime is a no joke. The very first in the lineage of our forefathers who knew the truth were silenced and was forced to keep a lie. They were guided by fears, punishment and even threat with death. Were they forced to believe that they have gained freedom? That even our heroes who fought bloody battles, did not have a chance to rediscover our past, and were forced to shout freedom under the name Philippines?

As we try to turn the pages of history back in time, after series of bloody battles, humiliation, unjust punishment, women exploitation, economic sabotage, etc, there is nothing worth dying for. Our forefathers being torn to pieces, made them hearts of stones, and became morally degraded. Are we still proud to be called a Filipino at such?

There were other countries who fought for changing their names. The former Chosan now Korea, Formosa now Taiwan, Dutch Indies now Indonesia, Siam now Thailand, Cambodia now Kampuchea, French Indochina now Vietnam, Vientianne now Laos, East Pakistani now Pakistan, Ceylon now Sri Lanka, Burma now Mynmar, same with Burkina acquired their identity in their names and continuously rising up and progressing in time.

Controversies in changing the name Philippines has long been a political issue, which should have been put to a greater emphasis on the cultural heritage rather than just politicizing.

If we are to scrutinize the pages in history, King Felipe II of Spain is such a disgrace!
The Spanish colonization made us to accept the name Philippines in behalf of King Felipe II of Spain. It’s a big question as to why none of our historians were able to research and expose the truth behind the barbaric personality of King Felipe II of Spain.

The truth is, there were no written proofs that will suffice Filipinas or Philippines as a legitimate name, as passed in decrees and approved in law or any other form of acceptance of its name in the name of Prince Felipe of Asturias, which later became King Felipe II of Spain.

King Felipe of Spain is not a pure Spanish blood. His parents and his grandfather is a Flemish from Hapsburg Austrian. His grandmother, Princess Juana is a Spanish. King Felipe II is son of first cousins which is a condemned practice in Roman Catholic religion.

Felipe I, King Felipe II’s grandfather is a traitor. He forcibly got the throne of his own wife, Princess Juana, the true Queen of Spain in 1504. Because of this, Princess Juana got mentally ill and died. Their son Carlos grew up outside of Spain and never learned any single Spanish word even until he became the King of Spain.

It has been recorded and exposed in history that King Felipe II has been engaged in illicit sex and immoral relationships among his women servants inside the palace.

His first approved law after his being crowned the king, is the auto da- fe or burning of thousands of Moricos or Moors tied up in posts. Moors are Muslims Arabic speaking people of Andalucia, a province of Spain and according to King FelipeII, were heretics or enemies of Christians, King Felipe II is brutal and has ruled out inquest by death all innocent victims living in Spain. The same rule follows here in the Philippines during the time when the three Filipino Christian priests Burgos, Gomez and Zamora was put to death by guillotine.

Both the father and son tandem Carlos V and King Felipe II acquired wealth by theft from the Vatican in Rome. Because of this King Felipe II were excommunicated from the Catholic Church in 1552 during the time of Pope Pablo IV.

During this time, thousands of Protestants of Holland and other parts of Europe were beheaded. King Felipe II ruled that all Protestants were heretics and demons. This event was believed to be the worst scenario ever in Europe.

King Felipe II acquired a very infectious, sexually transmitted venereal disease called syphilis. Occurred in the whole of his body, with sores and pus, emitting bad and foul smell. This gave him too much pain and suffering. During the last days of his life, the disease spread rapidly that caused difficulty in coordinating muscle movements, paralysis, numbness, partial blindness and memory loss that lead to his death in 1598.

In 1898, the Philippines got her liberty from Spain during the 300th year of King Felipe II’s death, commemorating and upholding a name of negativity and an immoral king where our country were named after.


The name Philippines was named after an immoral and cruel King. In it carries a negative Karma according to Spiritualists while MAHARLIKA, is noble and has spiritual essence.

Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii)
The late Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, an Indian Philosopher, Spiritual teacher, a Philologist, a Mahayogi and born clairvoyant once revealed before he died, and long before the downfall of communism and uprising in Russia, the center of Communism, that Communism will be shortlived. True enough, communism has ended, According to him, our country will undergo a tremendous transformation once our country’s name be changed to Maharlika. This country will gained economic stability and will be the center of Spirituality in the whole world. The same were mentioned by Pope Pablo VI former head of the Roman Catholic group, that this country will be named the “New Jerusalem”.

Majapahit Empire

During the Majapahit Empire which is entirely part of Southeast Asia. And the capital surrounding the islands of Sulu, the name Maharlika is respected by the Datus and Raha, and all the leaders of the society. The name also empowers strength, who won not only in battles, but in morals and love among people.

The name Maharlika is an ancient word derived from the word MAHA, a Sanskrit word and local name word LIKHA.

MAHA means great, noble, honored like Mahat, Mahatma, Mahayana, Mahabharata, etc.
LIKHA means being, creation.

MAHARLIKA means that which is a great and noble, honored being. Another fit meaning for this is a small container filled with noble beings.

Scholars of Indons of Yayasan Kawi Sastra Mandala Foundation, a group of researchers of the history of Asians before the invasion of the South, have acquired objectives to correct those under the foreign invaders. They also believed that the word MERDEKA in Indons, which means freedom, is derived from the Sanskrit Mahardhika, originated from Maharlika.

The former Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos does not own the word “ Maharlika” nor does he have any special role in filing the law in changing the name of the Philippines into Maharlika, with efforts from former Assemblyman Ben Bautista of Davao and the former Senator Eddie Ilarde. No wonder Marcos is a very intelligent student during his College days at the University of the Philippines and that probably he found out the true meaning of Maharlika so he named after his WWII guerilla unit. Same others who named the Maharlika Hi-way, Maharlika Village, Maharlika Charity wards, maharlika civic Center, etc. This proved to be that Maharlika is indeed a noble, honored word. Thers is no reason to associate Maharlika to the former president, nor not to allow use. This is purposely done to put back what was lost in time and should be highly regarded.

A writer once commented that the word Maharlika is derived from Mahaliunga, which means an image of the big male organ, phallus, used by Hindus as symbol of fertility. Noted that the word Liunga to Lika is far different in sound and in use.It is not related in any way to the male reproductive organ to a word that is respected and noble.


In whatever circumstances, we named names because it is important. In doing so, we foresee bright things to come. That’s why we deserve, to change and choose to have a good strong, noble, moral names. Isnt it obvious that our parents choose to have our names, named after saints, scholars, persons of great personality, famous and excellent. Does anyone chose to have a Hitler or Judas as name? Does it make sense? Straightforwardly, when we choose to change Philippines to Maharlika, it is sure to start a new beginning. Transform consciousness, beliefs, behaviour that is righteous, noble and great, that we truly deserve, to change our economy, politics, laws and morals and in every aspect in society.


Many have died during the past in the name of the Philippines. They died hopelessly in the outcry for democracy using Philippines. They seek fairness and upliftment in the society. Sadly, we were branded as thieves, corrupt, prostitutes, servants, criminals, mountains of garbage, red taped, kidnappers, all negative names. Whatever we do to escape from this horrible names, we remain the same. It is but necessary to erase and change the image that has been with us since time immemorial. Whatever cost we need to make the change possible, can not take an overnight result nor surpass the billions of taxes paid by the taxpayers that isonly being stolen by some government officials.

People do react why the need to change the name Philippines to Maharlika. There is no purpose of destroying the friendly and diplomatic ties between Spain and Philippines. We acknowledge the good side done by Spain and I putting the cross as symbol of Christianity. We pay respect to the many culture they have introduced to us, their music, art, language, food, and art of cooking, dance etc.

But on the other hand, we can no longer tolerate the true negative vibrations that King Felipe II has left in his name that keeps on reflecting in time in our country.
It has been said many times that the only permanent thing is change. We should think positively of the effect as a whole. The good instead of suffering, Let us find our way to live a life that is free from hatred, corruption, maltreatment , abuse, etc.

The truth must prevail. The reality of the history needs to be known to all. Reality will set us FREE. The future is very bright.



  1. I'm proud to be a Maharlikan!!!

    dito magsisimula ang pagbabago!!!

    ikalat at ihatid sa mga kapwa nating Maharlika!!!


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